Fraternity Grand Photoshoot 2022 –  PGH Oblation Plaza

In celebration of One Fine October, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity held a photoshoot at the PGH Oblation Plaza last October 14, 2022. 

The alumni and undergraduate Brothers gathered to celebrate the steadfast Brotherhood that spans generations, enjoying the company of one another and reminiscing memorable experiences that further strengthen the ties of the Mu Sigma Phi. A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say, and the One Fine October photoshoot is a testament of the strong bonds that can never be broken. It encapsulates the past and present, and at the same time, it envisions the limitless future of the Fraternity. 

All For The Glory of the Mu Sigma Phi!

(Health protocols and standards were observed in line with the COVID-19 pandemic)