“A pillar which inspires initiative and achievement.
It drives men to build institutions and to become themselves institutions.”


Every brother of the Mu Sigma Phi is a leader in his own right, unbound by titles and recognition, he becomes a leader and a great source of inspiration because he believes he can– initiative makes one a leader. Scaling the highest peaks of our noble profession, of society and the world itself, one will easily find a Mu, feet firmly planted, with him the banner of the fraternity.

A man must simply place himself before others, offer his dedication, and others will follow. Mastery of the self is one of the valuable skills learned in the fraternity; the many opportunities offered to every individual give him the chance to exalt himself, as well as the fraternity. The possibility of achievement or recognition appeals to a Mu, for they are born of it, and their destiny spells it– all for greater glory.

Leadership in the Mu Sigma Phi is exemplary, not imposed, for it exists between equals, and equality brings about trust and respect. The greatest leaders it has produced follow the great example of its founder– Saturnino B. Ador-Dionisio– omnipresent and constantly involved, guiding the fraternity for around seven decades and at the same time maintaining hold of his own life. His achievements make one stay true to the ideals he has professed, but more importantly he will always a free spirit, subservient to no one. Leadership enriches an individual; it rewards oneself by reaping the benefits of uplifting others. Thus, we see a leader with enough confidence and overflowing humility, a man who has a clear goal that must be accomplished not solely by him, who readily becomes a servant.



Brod Eric

Executive Committee

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