Org’s Night and Booth

Written by: Ammiel C. Gulmatico, ΜΣΦ 2022 The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority welcomed the UPCM Class of 2024 with a show-stopping performance during the Freshman Orientation Program Org’s Night and Street Party at the Sports and Wellness Center 3/F last August 15, 2019. The Mu Band started it off with a funky cover …

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Mu Week 2021 – Mu Fiesta​

The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority, in celebration of Mu Week 2021 – MURALS: Embedded in Legacy, Thriving with Glory, held Mu Fiesta last September 11, 2021. This annual event is traditionally called “Fiesta at the Hut,” and is traditionally held at the Mu Hut to commemorate the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Mu …

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Brod in Focus – Cesar Espiritu ‘82

Written by: Jed Zacharay A. Golez, ΜΣΦ 2023 Contributors: Aedrian A. Abrilla, ΜΣΦ 2019, Jacinto Armando S. Mantaring, ΜΣΦ 2022 “…the challenge of capturing the beauty of the world and sharing it. I think for me, that’s what gives me the most reward.” Cesar Ramon G. Espiritu, MD ΜΣΦ 1982 (MEB 1981-1982), or Brod Ces …

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