“A pillar shared by equals and spans generations.
It creates a bloodline, a family between strangers, among Mu Men.”


The pillar on which the Fraternity sprang forth and rests upon, the unique brand of brotherhood in the Mu Sigma Phi exalts the equality between brothers which transcends the very fabric of time. Essential to the process of creation is the act of sharing a part of oneself; it gives meaning and essence to the product. What then does a man offer up if he hopes to equal the bonds that only life can generate: nothing but his entirety. Every young man who enters into the Mu Sigma Phi contributes to its continued evolution, defining it according to his person.

An individual experiences the Mu Sigma Phi in ways only matched by the effort he puts into it– a process of mutual creation. Brotherhood is the necessity and the inspiration; it initiated and continuously sustains the Fraternity. It may have started with boisterous innocence, camaraderie as its aim, but the years and the people in it have added nobility to it. Maturity has produced wizened men blessed with minds infused with the vigor of youth.

Each generation secures for itself its own cognizance, familiarity with the people who move within it. Even then, immortality is assured of no one. Brotherhood ensures acceptance, the word “Mu” is likened to a liege, present it to your own and you will not be wanting. Hesitation is unknown especially to those who have endured all that is required of entry. The fraternity is open to all; however a brother is one who accepts the fraternity wholeheartedly, realizing that the ties that we share go far beyond the years we spend in our youth. A pillar that spans generations and completely forgets about it, it creates a bloodline, a family between strangers.

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