“A pillar which calls for one to become unselfish and self-denying.
It is shared by the Mu Man with the Filipino people and the whole of humanity.”


The highest form of which is ours– self-denying service, a pillar which is shared not only among the brothers of the Mu Sigma Phi but more importantly with the Filipino people and the whole of humankind.

The practice of knowledge and humanity, service brings to light the best and most noble thing that a doctor can offer to the people– his helping hands. With a strong belief in the goodness and the resulting greatness brought about by giving, the fraternity attempts to alleviate the suffering of the people by attending to one of his most important and basic needs. Service is acting upon their awareness of the situation of our society; it is the way by which they communicate to the world outside the fraternity.

For the longest time, service has been the measure of the dynamic spirit of the Mu Sigma Phi; it evolves with the changing needs of our countrymen. Service in the Mu Sigma Phi is responsive, though freely given; it offers help that provides the greatest benefit. The course of action and the very relevance of the fraternity depend on it. The Mu Sigma Phi has long been identified with the kind of service it extends, that of selfless giving, and the many ways by which it proves its vocation.

The rewards of service are far more than the forms of recognition they have received, the acclaim in fact enables them to do more good. The Mu Sigma Phi value more the partnerships that are formed in these activities, the ties that ensure the continued involvement of the fraternity in society, because it moves within it, the Mu does their share of the burden and they do it without reserve.

Major Projects

Quisumbing Escandor Film Festival for health

The Quisumbing – Escandor Film Festival for Health (QEFF) is a nationwide film-making competition and film caravan organized by the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity. It aims to promote awareness about the different pressing health issues in the country through film. The film festival also aims to establish a network of active advocates for health and also, to create a video library of films for health advocacy and education.

Project H2O

Project H2O is part of the Relief Operations of the Mu Sigma Phi. Acting upon the essential importance of water as a basic need in times of disaster, Mu has been instrumental in providing safe drinking water using portable water filtration systems for communities hit by catastrophes.


Project MUbility aims to empower differently-abled Filipinos, from as many walks of life possible, and to highlight their capabilities that most people would mistakenly surmise these members of our society cannot cultivate. It also seeks to advocate for socio-economic, medical, and institutional changes which emphasize and improve their access to better care and the observance of their rights as our fellows. MUbility projects under this banner have, and will continue to do so, by raising public awareness of their existence, their diversity, and the significant challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. This advocacy has demonstrated its deeds by addressing multiple aspects relevant to both the campaign and the actual beneficiaries themselves.

Mu Relief

The Mu Sigma Phi Relief Operations or MU Relief is the Fraternity’s and Sorority’s primary disaster response arm. Mu Relief was formally established in the wake of the Pinatubo eruption, which left countless Filipinos homeless, starving, and without available health services. Our response is with a wide variety of the most essential necessities: food, water, clothing, medications and medical services. Mu Relief aim to provide immediate response and relief to highly-affected and far-flung areas and communities not normally reached by the major efforts, the truly underserved.

Service News