Octobeerfest 2022

In celebration of this year’s One Fine October, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity held its Octobeerfest last October 14, 2022 at the Skyview Restaurant of the Comfy Inn Hotel at Mabini St. It was a meaningful night full of mouthwatering food, refreshing drinks, and festive company.

We’d like to acknowledge the presence of our alumni Brods:

Kups Villaruel ΜΣΦ 1974

Martin “Babs” Babaran ΜΣΦ 2015

Marlo De Leon ΜΣΦ 2015

Miggy Callueng ΜΣΦ 2016

Emman Limpin ΜΣΦ 2016

Kevmen Mendoza ΜΣΦ 2016

Nico Pajes MEB ΜΣΦ 2016

Josh Torres (BL) ΜΣΦ 2016

Franco Macaspac ΜΣΦ 2017

Miko Pascual ΜΣΦ 2017

Martin Ilustre (BL) ΜΣΦ 2018

Aug Cunanan MEB ΜΣΦ 2020

Ino Villacastin ΜΣΦ 2020

OJ Acopiado ΜΣΦ 2021

Cheers, Brods!
All For The Glory!