Mu Sigma Phi Relief Operations

The Mu Sigma Phi Relief Operations or MU Relief is the Fraternity’s and Sorority’s primary disaster response arm. Mu Relief was formally established in the wake of the Pinatubo eruption, which left countless Filipinos homeless, starving, and without available health services. Our response is with a wide variety of the most essential necessities: food, water, clothing, medications and medical services.  Mu Relief aim to provide immediate response and relief to highly-affected and far-flung areas and communities not normally reached by the major efforts, the truly underserved.

In more recent years, MU relief was again mobilized through the efforts of the Fraternity and Sorority in partnership with the 37th UP Medicine Student Council to dispense Doxycycline capsules for post-exposure prophylaxis for those who were affected by the flood caused by typhoon Maring which hit the Metro Manila in August 2013.

In response to the calamities brought about by the 7.2-magnitude Bohol Earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity – Mu Relief – was again mobilized to attend to the needs of our affected countrymen. Following the usual practice of Mu Relief, donations including food, water, clothing and other basic necessities were rapidly distributed to the affected areas. Aside from these, the Fraternity was also able to provide drugs, in partnership with Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines, and vaccines, particularly tetanus toxoid vaccines, to the different communities in Cebu, Bohol and the rest of Western Visayas.

In addition to the service arm – MU Relief, Project H2O: Help to Others was also launched to these affected areas. The devastation caused by these recent occurrences were so severe that even the facilities that usually provide immediate but temporary help were destroyed. Included in these are the infrastructures responsible for providing sanitary drinking water. To address this lack of water supply, Project H2O was established under the guidance of Dr. Rafael Bundoc MΣΦ 1986. Under this program, the Fraternity, in partnership with Sawyer Products Inc. and Manly Plastics, was able to provide water filtration units to the severely affected areas. Through the help and donations from generous people, a great number of filtration units were assembled and delivered through the Mu Sigma Phi brothers and sisters near the affected areas. Other organizations such as UP Pahinungod, Rotary Club of Makati – Business District, and Nickel Asia also extended their assistance in shipping and distributing the said filtration units. Instead of relying on such limited supply of bottled water, people gained access to a sustainable source of clean, potable water. With proper distribution and implementation, these units offered a direly needed solution to the growing incidence of water-borne diseases in devastated communities like Tacloban City, Leyte. That time, the Fraternity has already been able to assemble and distribute over 350 units of H2O filtration system to the different parts of the Visayas region. With the help again of various donors, organizations and even media personality, the reach of this project has exceeded expectations.

Medical Missions were also held in response to the rapidly deteriorating health status in the affected communities of the typhoon Yolanda, various medical and surgical missions were organized within days from the tragedy. Putting their own safety aside, the Mu Sigma Phi braved the chaos to be able to deliver much needed medical assistance. In coordination with various government and non-government institutions, they created teams of medical doctors and health professionals which were sent to different sites in order to accurately assess and manage the health situation in provinces such as Tacloban, Samar and Capiz.

Gawad-Kalinga, one of the nationally acclaimed services in the Philippines, was also involved in MU Relief to cater the need to rebuild as most of the infrastructures in the affected provinces, particularly in Leyte, were destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda, the Gawad-Kalinga Foundation has proposed a plan to rehabilitate the communities by building up to 20,000 houses for the affected families. The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity, being long time partners with Gawad-Kalinga, has volunteered to actively participate in the health rehabilitation part the GK program.

And in the recent Typhoon Lando calamity, MU Relief was altruistically able to cater immediately the needed supplies and food of those affected by the typhoon especially the hit to ground Metro Manila.

In the most severe devastations that the country has ever experienced in the past few decades,  resulted to a wider reach of the Service arm of the Fraternity. Despite the overwhelming efforts of different local and international organizations, the rehabilitation and rebuilding of communities like Tacloban is still far from over but has improved. As such, the Mu Relief is expected be on its continuous effort, day in and day out, to extend help, in whatever form possible. In this way, the vision of fraternity to be of service to the country.

Comprised of student- and doctor-volunteers from the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority, the Mu Sigma Phi Relief Operations is spearheaded by the Fraternity’s Bearer of the Staff, and the Sorority’s Service Committee Chairperson. Until now, the Mu Sigma Phi Relief Operations plods onward in rebuilding lives – from the floodwaters up.