Brods and Sisses were all set for Scholarship Week 2016 as they warmly welcomed it during the opening ceremony held last March 28, 2016, noon, at the hut.

Sis Kat Ang, μΣΦ ’19, and Brod Earl Cariño, ΜΣΦ ‘18, the hosts of the ceremony, kick started the event by introducing Sis Joie Cañal, μΣΦ ’95, for the opening remarks. Brods and Sisses who showed exemplary performance in scholarly activities were then awarded certificates of recognition by Sis Anne Asis, μΣΦ ’19 and Brod Mon Distor, ΜΣΦ ‘18. The closing remarks were then delivered by Sis Aca Almelor μΣΦ ’16 and Brod Nico Pajes ΜΣΦ ‘16.

A festive lunch was then heartily shared by Brods, Sisses, and some members of Class 2020.

This year’s line-up of activities include Alam Mu Ba, EKG (Excellence, Knowledge, Genius), 25th Brainstorm, EBM and Beyond: Basic Clinical Epidemiology Workshop, Aklatang Mu Sigma Phi, and MedEx: Medical Career Expo.

As remarked by Sis Joie Cañal, the celebration of Scholarship week shows how the Sorority and Fraternity values scholarship. She also shared what the Scholarship pillar is all about – that it is not all about books and exams, rather, giving importance to learning new things in all aspects, may it be in science, arts, sports, among others.

Truly, the importance of scholarship was highlighted this day as excelling in all of his and her endeavors is one of the things that define what a Mu Brod and Sis is.

All for the Glory!