To launch Scholarship Month 2017, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority opened its exhibit to the public with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the PGH Central Block Lobby last February 6, 2017.

The program commenced with opening remarks from Sis Ma. Stephanie Fay S. Cagayan, μΣΦ 1993 and Brod Rafael Felipe C. Bundoc, ΜΣΦ 1986 who shared the role of the Pillar of Scholarship in their own careers and inspired the rest of the Brods and Sisses to embody Scholarship in their daily lives. Brod Julian A. Santos, ΜΣΦ 2017 (Arbiter of the Light) and Sis Anne Dominique K. Asis, μΣΦ 2019, announced the lineup for the rest of Scholarship Month: Alam Mu Ba, EKG (Excellence, Knowledge, Genius), Aklatang Mu Sigma Phi, 26th Brainstorm, and Medico Media.

All for the Glory!