The brods and sisses of the Mu Sigma Phi gathered at the Alvior Hall for the first MUrienda session of the year. Food was served first while the brods and sisses were coming in and catching up with one another. The program began with the viewing of the Sorority’s video about its legacy of 81 years of glorious sisterhood. It was followed by the equally riveting video of the Fraternity’s 82 glorious years of brotherhood. It was then followed by a recap of the sorority and fraternity’s activities for the year such as the Mu Week and Service Month. Afterwards, brods and sisses were presented with a preview of upcoming fraternity and sorority events. The closing remarks were then delivered by Sis Cecile Rogers µΣΦ ’72 and Brod Pipo Bundoc ΜΣΦ ’86.

The Fraternity would like to thank the alumni brods for taking time off their busy schedule to attend the first of many MUriendas to come. Truly, despite a gloomy and humid Wednesday afternoon, the brotherhood and sisterhood shared by the members of the Mu Sigma Phi once again proved that it is and will always be warmer than the tropical weather — a testament that although their profession may keep them apart, Mu will always lead them back home.