For demonstrating academic excellence and for representing the UP College of Medicine (UPCM) in various endeavors inside and outside the campus, numerous Resident Brothers of the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity were recognized in the UPCM Student Convocation held today.

The College bestowed GAWAD NG DEKANO awards to individuals and student organizations garnering victories, on behalf of UPCM, in competitions held outside UP Manila, as well as those who participated in or conducted relevant international conferences on health and leadership. The DEAN’S CITATION awards were given to individuals and student organizations who (1) claimed victories in campus-based competitions, (2) participated in competitions held outside UP Manila, and (3) to individuals who headed UPCM-based Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities (OFS) and UPCM Classes. UPCM-based College and University Scholars were also recognized in the event.

Aside from the several individual awards received by the Brods for their valiant efforts, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity, as an institution, was also honored with a GAWAD NG DEKANO award for bagging 4th Place in the 2015 Youth4Asia Solutions for Hygiene and Sanitation (through its Project H2O service project), and a DEAN’S CITATION for claiming the 2015 Gawad Chancellor Award – Outstanding Student Organization during the UP Manila Autonomy Day.

All for the Glory!