Around 250 UP-PGH Class 2016 and post-graduate interns were enlightened by various talks during the medical career expo entitled, “MEDx”.

The event was opened by the current PGH Director, Dr. Gap Legaspi. Distinguished physicians then shared their own experiences in their respective careers:

Dr. Anthony Cordero MΣΦ 1992, Chair, UPCM Return Service Obligation Program Committee

Dr. Ramon Paterno, Convernor, Universal Health Care Study Group

Dr. Beverly Ho, Consultant, Asian Development Bank

Dr. Brent Andrew Viray MΣΦ 2013, Former Municipal Health Officer, Doctors to the Barrios Program

Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, Undersecretary, Department of Health

Dr. Edwin Mercado MΣΦ 1987, President and CEO, Qualimed Healthcare Network

Dr. Joseph Acosta, Commander and Director, AFP Medical Center

Dr. Noel Juban, Director, Institute of Clinical Epidemiology

Dr. Edcel Salvaña, Deputy Director, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Iris Isip-Tan, Chief, UP Medical Informatics Unit

Dr. Tony Leachon, Board of Director, Philhealth

Spearheaded by Christian James A. Nazareth MΣΦ 2016, in partnership with UPCM Class 2016 and the UPCM Return Service Obligation Program Committee, MEDx was truly helpful in aiding the interns to re-evaluate their choices after they take the upcoming Physician Licensure Exam on September 2016.

The Mu Sigma Phi wishes the best to all the PGH Interns in their future endeavors.