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Brod Rey Pagtakhan ’61 Honored by UPHS Jonelta Print E-mail
Written by Mikhail Estrella Esteban   

For his invaluable achievements in championing healthcare in the political arena, the Honorable Dr. Rey Pagtakhan ΜΣΦ 1961 was conferred the degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) by the University of Perpetual Help System Jonelta Foundation-School of Medicine last April 10, 2010 at the Philippine International Convention Center.

Dr. Rey Pagtakhan (fourth from left) with the Dean of the Jonelta Foundation School of Medicine Dr. Aretas Alday μΣΦ 1961 (third from left)

Brod Rey made a global name for all Filipinos as he became the first Filipino member of the Canadian Parliament, and held positions such as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister (1996-1998), Secretary of State for Science, Research and Development (2002-2003), and Secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific (2001-2002).

The Brods with Brod Rey: L to R (top row) Joboy Dumlao ΜΣΦ 2012, Button Ricarte ΜΣΦ 2012, Atty. Abet Alday ΜΣΦ 2002, Gio Delgado ΜΣΦ 2012, Dan Alpapara ΜΣΦ 2011, Dr. Rey Pagtakhan ΜΣΦ 1961, Tonton Llagas ΜΣΦ 2010, Dr. Eli Nadal ΜΣΦ 1971, Mickey Esteban ΜΣΦ 2012, Popo Dumlao ΜΣΦ 2013; (bottom row) Bryan Lim ΜΣΦ 2010, Chuck Ecarma ΜΣΦ 2013, Daniel Dellosa ΜΣΦ 2013, Jones Santos ΜΣΦ 2013, and Uly Gopez ΜΣΦ 2013

The citation for Dr. Pagtakhan's degree reads:


In the field of Science comes a praiseworthy person who is inherently determined to impart his values, expertise, and exceptional achievements to the cause of human excellence. A global person who ensures that opportunity is given to every life and every nation he touches to move forward medically, socially and economically, on a rising progress so that opportunity and prosperity will be shared equally among diverse nations. 

As a noted Filipino doctor and professor of medicine in Canada, he created milestone in the history of both his land of birth and his adopted country. The Philippine-born-physician-turned-to-Canadian-politician has attained exceptional achievements in both Medicine and Politics worthy of academic salute. He exemplifies the best of Filipino talent and excellence in his outstanding achievements as a noted medical doctor and professor and as a distinguished member of the Parliament of Canada and his unwavering commitment to the well-being of the Filipino community and various ethnocultural constituents in Canada. He was seen by the National Post as a "champion of medicare". His dedication to medicine, medical education and research is matched by his passion for community involvement. 

Distilled from the critical lens and pens of the media as the first Filipino member of a Federal Legislature in the whole North America, he was bestowed with distinctions of Service and Competency; Creative and Bold Leadership; Passionate and Principled Advocacy; Trustworthiness, Sincerity, Decency, Humility and Respect; Politician with a Passion; Inspiring source of Pride and Confidence; and Nobility of Politics. Indeed, he is the epitome of a socially committed Filipino achiever in Medicine and Politics. 

In recognition of his reputed and consummate contributions and achievements in the field of Science, the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, grateful and privileged by the bounteousness of its patron saint, MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP, confers on 


the degree of


Honoris Causa 

This Tenth day of April in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Ten at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City, Philippines 


To our esteemed brod, Dr. Rey Pagtakhan, congratulations! All for the Glory!


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