Mu Sigma Phi has seen both its Fraternity and Sorority members scattered all over the globe– each one of them contributing to the advancement of medical science and healthcare delivery in their adopted homeland.  But their altruism yearns for the land and Alma Mater where their fortunes were nurtured.  In their hearts and minds is the desire to pay it forward.  At the start of the new millennium, members of the Mu Sigma Phi started to bond together to consolidate their efforts to give their fair share to the organization, their undergraduate brothers and sisters and the Alma Mater.  In 2004, the overseas members, spearheaded by those in North America, formally organized the “Mu Foundation”–  the International Arm of the Mu Sigma Phi.

The Mu Foundation has continuously raised funds to sponsor big projects for the College and the Hospital particularly those that would augment the education of undergraduates and training of residents.  Among its projects was the renovation of the Anatomy Laboratory Complex and Osteology Laboratory of the UP College of Medicine for the benefit of first-year medical students and paramedical students, completed in 2006. They have opened a steady channel of donations to improve healthcare delivery in our University Hospital. They have also created scholarships for needy undergraduate members and supported their academic and extra-curricular activities in the College.  They provide invaluable hospitality to members who visit their adopted land where strangers are accepted as family only because they belong to the Mu Sigma Phi.