The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority definitely went beyond the walls of UP College of Medicine in sharing knowledge on clinical epidemiology to different health professionals from other medical schools and respective medical institutions.

EBM and Beyond: a clinical epidemiology workshop, was held in Buenafe Hall. In partnership with the prestigious UP-PGH Department of Clinical Epidemiology, different speakers shared their expertise in the field of clinical epidemiology. The event was opened by Dr. Armand Crisostomo, Associate Dean for Planning and Research of the UP College of Medicine. A series of lectures by Dr. Randy Cañal MΣΦ 1992, Dr. Roberto Ruiz MΣΦ1985, and Dr. Jojo Mantaring MΣΦ 1984 were then held the whole morning.

After their lunchbreak, a workshop on literature search was then conducted in the newly built Resource Learning Center, an 80 for 80 project of the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity. Breakout sessions on critical appraisals on therapy, meta-analysis and diagnosis was then conducted in Paz Mendoza Hall by Dr. Jean Toral μΣΦ1994, Dr. Weng Genuino μΣΦ1990, Dr. Elizabeth Montemayor μΣΦ 1980, Dr. Jojo Mantaring MΣΦ 1984 and Dr. Roberto Ruiz MΣΦ1985. The event ended by awarding the speakers with certificates of recognition and the participants with certificates of participation.

The Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority would like to extend its gratitude to the Department of Clinical Epidemiology, the organization partners (UP Pre-Medical Society, San Beda SAMA, UERM CaRES Student Council, and Sigma Beta Sorority) and the food sponsors (Baon the Go, Cadbury, Mister Donut and Mr. Poon).

All for the Glory!