Amici Brothers,

As members of this elite fraternity, we have been united with a shared purpose since our very inception in 1933. From then on, we are now over 1650 strong and still growing. We have made our mark in history through our sacred brotherhood which in turn has translated to service to others and other extraordinary feats that lesser men would consider impossible to do. We have produced luminary Brods who became institutions not only in the field of Medicine but in their own unique crafts as well. The bliss that we celebrate with our brothers on their feats transcend time. Through our four Pillars – Brotherhood, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service – our fates have been fused together. The fraternity’s 83 years of existence have given us our shares of triumphs and turmoil. As imperfect as this connection may be at times, the experiences that made us shed blood, sweat and tears have branded the hearts of every Mu man.

With every passing day, the bond of our brotherhood is tested. But it is only through adversity will we know what the fraternity is capable of. Every struggle has made us what we are today. With the help of our Alumni brothers from all over the world, the current undergraduate body is eager to face any hurdles that may arise and impede our growth as a fraternity.  To this end, I would like to thank our Alumni brothers who have always given their time and effort to the goals of the fraternity. For without the support of those who went through before us – there will be no tradition to pass on, no glory to be shared with the brothers and no ideals that we will strive to achieve. Without your guidance, there will be a failure to value the principles and purposes of the fraternity. I am the first to say that this expectation would prove difficult to uphold in the existing realities we are currently facing today in the college. But, it is no excuse to not perpetuate our hallowed traditions. The Mu Blood that runs in me will never tolerate nothing less than the ideal for that is what is expected of a Mu Man. These ideals have motivated many to realize their great potentials and transcend themselves to higher planes.

With our goals in mind, I am inviting all the Brothers of the Mu Sigma Phi to take part in the sacrifices and rewards of this proud fraternity. My humble hope is that every Brod uphold the burning devotion and fervor that we have for the fraternity. The direction of the fraternity has always veered towards that of the ideal. We have flourished by making a concerted effort to remain motivated in any endeavor despite tremendous opposition. But what is the worth of effort if it only serves ones interest? The virtue of morality and humanity should take precedence in everything that we do.

Let us all look forward into the future in giving our beloved fraternity and those that we serve greater glory. The Executive Council, encourages all members to check out our new website and explore its content.

All for the Glory of the Mu Sigma Phi!

Most Exalted Brother