To our Brothers before us,
May your conviction remain firm in guiding our ranks.
Know that it is the foundations you help build
That fuels our passion to bring Glory to our Fold.

To our Brothers now,
Let neither weariness nor apathy
Hinder you in your lofty endeavors.
May you keep in our consciousness that we strive not for one’s own glory,
But the recompense, rather, is our prized Brotherhood as it is.
May you embody the Four Pillars – Brotherhood, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service –
The virtues declared by the founding Thirty.

To our future Brothers,
May you be relentless in pursuit
Of relevance and honor to our exalted Institution
May the Fraternity’s laurels, both past and present,
Challenge you to sustain our cherished traditions.
Remember your sacred duty, first and foremost:
To mold, with incessancy, the very future of the Fraternity.
Thus, keep the flame burning, the drum beating, and the staff swinging!

All for the Glory of the Mu Sigma Phi!
There is no Glory without Tears!