A pillar shared by equals and spans generations. It creates a bloodline, a family between strangers among Mu Men.

The strong bond of the Mu Sigma Phi Brothers is made evident in any endeavor pursued – be it leading others towards a common goal, pursuing scholastic achievement, or rendering service to our fellow Filipinos. It is seen in a handshake, a story being shared, or a drink being toasted.  It matters not whether it is shared within batches or across generations, for ours is a Brotherhood that knows no walls, that knows no time.

Brotherhood is the force which gives life to the Fraternity, brings our aspirations to reality, and drives us to seek greater glory. For as long as there remains the intense desire to foment true comradeship and brotherly affection amongst us, the Mu Sigma Phi will continue to live its legacy.


A pillar which inspires initiative and achievement. It drives men to build institutions and to become themselves institutions.

For the Mu Man, leadership is a way of life. Instilled in every Brother of the Mu Sigma Phi is the powerful virtue of initiative and self-direction. For years, the Mu Brods have risen from the ranks and have led other student organizations, college and university administrations, hospital establishments, various medical and non-medical fields and professions, and our country’s Department of Health. This tradition has been existent since the very beginning of the Fraternity, sparked by the spirit of dynamism of our founding fathers, and fueled by the passion of Brothers past and present.

No matter what venture he undertakes, the Mu leader takes full responsibility for his actions. What accomplishments he derives, he shares unselfishly with his fellowmen. If he should take a fall, he shall take full accountability, and then rise up to surpass any challenges imposed on him. For he takes pride in himself and brings with him the name of the Fraternity, and desires only to give honor and glory.


A pillar which explores the science and art of medicine. It pushes one to become a complete man, for it is only the complete man who can be a complete doctor.

The Mu Sigma Phi is a blessed blending of the Apollonian and the Dionysian – the rational and the vital. The Mu Man strives to learn all he can from life, thus making each Brother a scholar in his own right. He does his best to expand his mind from the narrow horizons and lift his wisdom beyond the valley of medicine, for there is no other field of study that is more complicated and wide than understanding human life itself.

Through Brainstorm, academic reviews, EBM and Beyond, MedX, relevant research, the Mu Band, sports activities, and individual academic achievements, the Brothers of the Mu Sigma Phi has cultivated general scholastic and cultural welfare and has preserved the tradition of scholarship through time.


A pillar which calls for one to become unselfish and self-denying. It is shared by the Mu Man with the Filipino people and the whole of humanity.

Since its founding, the Mu Sigma Phi has lived up to its aims of cultivating and preserving an unselfish spirit of self-denying service. We draw our inspiration from the communities we serve – the College, the University, the country, and humanity at large. Transcending our capacities and overcoming all adversities, we have gone through long distances and great heights, for service is our war.

Through our various service projects, including MUbility, the Quisumbing-Escandor Film Festival for Health, Mu Relief, Gawad Kalinga-Mu Sigma Phi partnership, Mu Health Missions, Mu Drug Bank, and Lukso ng Dugo, the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity continues to serve with the goal of achieving not glory for ourselves, but for others.