The lettering on the seal is bounded by two rings, each representing the unbroken ties that bind the Fraternity together. The inner circle represents the undergraduate brothers—a fellowship of men, eternally renewed, and always in the thick of the action during their years in the College of Medicine, heirs to the Fraternity’s honorable history and guardians of MU’s existence and welfare. The larger outer circle represents the alumni brothers, and the Fraternity as a whole—all-encompassing; a brotherhood forged to exceed the might of steel and the test of time; a bond founded on tradition that knows no end.



The Wings of Hermes are an ancient Greek symbol of maleness and heightened spirituality—a fitting symbol for a brotherhood of men devoted to achieving wholeness of body, mind and spirit. It is the belief of every Mu man that only a complete man can be a complete doctor; thus, the Fraternity strives for the holistic development of all its members. These Wings are also associated with the virtue of diligence, a value that is instilled in every member of the Mu Sigma Phi. While each brother in the Fraternity embodies this trait individually, it is also through the diligence of the entire Brotherhood that new heights of glory are attained.


The symmetrical Serpents of Aesculapius that adorn the coat of arms embody the Greek concept of symmetria, and represent our desire for balance, harmony, truth and good. The brothers of the Mu Sigma Phi adhere not only to the Fraternity’s own by-laws, but to the moral mandates that govern our noble profession. The Mu man is adept in both the sciences and the arts, and is a medical professional whose conduct is guided by the highest ethical standards. These Serpents of Aesculapius are also a symbol of our reverence for our forefathers who paved the way for us; as the Serpents stand guard over the coat of arms, so, too, do the wisdom and knowledge of the ages keep watch over the fate of the Fraternity, guiding us and leading us to our destiny to become great healers.


Perhaps no other tool of the trade of medicine evokes as powerful a reaction as the Syringe. It delivers healing right where it is most needed; and yet even the most stout-hearted men still fear its sting. Consequently, no other tool of the trade better represents the Mu man’s outlook on medicine, and life in general: There is no glory without tears. Nothing worth having ever comes easy; one must endure discomfort, hardships, even actual pain. In the end, though, the fulfillment that comes with achieving one’s noble goals will make even the greatest hurt seem like the bite of a mere insect. The Fraternity’s Greek letters are drawn in the barrel of the syringe, as if these were actually contained within and ready to be released into the waiting recipient—this represents the Fraternity’s noble goal of being a cure for whatever ails humanity, of immersing itself in the search for a solution for society’s problems. The Mu man heeds the call to service by offering himself through his commitment to uplift countless lives through his work and deeds.

The Roman letter U and P (University of the Philippines) are in its left and right side respectively to honor thy Alma Mater, with the numbers 1933 at the tip, the year of its founding year.