The Mu Sigma Phi is the FIRST fraternity in the UP College of Medicine. It is also the first medical fraternity in the Asian region. Its birth in October 1933 was the answer to the need of a college formation that will uphold true brotherhood, responsible leadership, advancement of scholastic and cultural welfare, and an unselfish spirit of service. After more than 83 years, the fraternity stands today as among the most acclaimed student organizations in the Philippines, and the leading Greek-lettered global network of UP Medical Alumni.

The Mu Sigma Phi does not confer honorary memberships; nevertheless, it has ardently drawn a boastful number of 1,650 members in its glorious roster that has produced pioneers, heroes, leaders, scholars, luminaries, scientists, and humanitarians in the field of medicine. It sustains this unparalleled tradition by instilling to its student members a relentless fervor for excellence in medical education, strengthened by a noble commitment to public service.

The fraternity is renowned for its rich tradition revolving around the Four Pillars—Brotherhood, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. These pillars are points of fact to every MU Brod, and serve as guiding principles in our individual and collective efforts to continually fulfill the fraternity’s destiny of greater glory. It is in our eternal bond that we find greatness in our unrivaled unity. It is in our holistic endeavors that we hone and preserve a distinguished lineage of MU leaders and visionaries. And, despite our frequent expeditions away from academics, it is in our utmost perseverance and collaboration that we can attain our goal of becoming complete doctors.


To breed, to nurture and to cradle fine and selected young men in their noble transformation of becoming dedicated physicians within the culture of excellence, nationalism and humanity and in full accordance with its ideals of brotherhood, leadership, scholarship, and service.


The Mu Sigma Phi envisions itself as a locally and internationally acclaimed brotherhood dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of medical education and practice, and selfless commitment to public service.