The Brods and Sisses of the Mu Sigma Phi gathered for the Opening Ceremony of Mu Week 2016 at the Calderon Hall Lobby.

With it’s exciting line-up of activities, Mu Week was formally opened through the unveiling of the Exhibit, with the theme “ABLAZE: Intensifying the Passion, Continuing the Legacy”. After an introduction by hosts Gian Urgel, ΜΣΦ ’20 and Ruth Eusebio μΣΦ ’20, Brod Jun Carnate ΜΣΦ ‘94 and Sis Dolores Bonzon μΣΦ ’80 sincerely welcomed the crowd through heartfelt remarks.

Soon after, Sis Joie Cañal μΣΦ ’95 announced the newest scholars of the Mu Sigma Phi Foundation. Brods Jun Carnate and Lawrence Alvarez ΜΣΦ ‘80 along with Sisses Dolores Bonzon, Elizabeth Montemayor μΣΦ ’80, and Dean of UP College of Medicine Sis Agnes Mejia μΣΦ ’77 then proceeded to the much awaited ribbon-cutting that uncovered the exhibit.

The exhibit itself boasts Mu Sigma Phi’s genuine sisterhood and brotherhood in its coin flip design, complete with rotating back-to-back seals of the Fraternity and Sorority that symbolizes the equality among Brods and Sisses. The intricacy of the exhibit captures the essentials of true brotherhood and sisterhood nonetheless, which is a testimony of the diversity of Mu. Undeniably, true brotherhood and sisterhood can only be attained when both exist, to work together towards a common goal, regardless of the differences among them.

All for the Glory!