Mu Week 2022 – MEDley

The Mu Sigma Phi, in celebration of Mu Week 2022 – Telos: Relentless Glory, Blazing Legacy, held MEDley: Endless Opportunities in Medicine last September 2, 2022. Coming from different specialties, our speakers for this year’s MEDley were Sis Michelle Cristine B. Miranda μΣФ  2016, Brod James Phillip A. Cruz  MΣФ  1998,  Sis Karina Viola L. Bulong μΣФ 2019, and Brod Harvey S. Uy MΣФ  1991. Our Brods and Sisses have shared interesting perspectives on the different career paths which can be pursued in medicine.

The event was held for aspiring physicians including the freshmen of UPCM Class of 2027. The attendees were given a glimpse of some of the vast opportunities after medical school from a researcher, vaccine expert, Doctor-to-the-Barrios, and specialist. Aside from hearing the insightful talks from our Brods and Sisses, the freshmen who attended the event were also given raffle prizes.