Mu Week 2022 – Kaya Mu Ba?

In the spirit of Scholarship and in celebration of Mu Week 2022: TELOS – Relentless Glory, Blazing Legacy, the Mu Sigma Phi held “Kaya MU Ba?”, a general information quiz show for LU3 students of the UPCM Class of 2027 last September 9, 2022.

The event was held to welcome the newest member of the UPCM community, the UPCM CLass of 2027. A total of 25 teams participated and enjoyed a night of camaraderie with their fellow classmates. The freshmen engaged in a battle of wits and knowledge in a variety of topics, including Basic Sciences, UPM trivia, pop culture, and current events for a chance to win amazing med-essential prizes like Littmann stethoscopes and scrub sets.

After correctly answering most of the questions and giving their all in the bonus rounds, two teams emerged triumphant and claimed their prizes. TEAM HOTTIES, Khruschev Magcaling & Cindy Serrano won first place while TEAM FREUD’S DISCIPLES, Javi Baquiran & Marcus Cruel came in as first runner-up.

We would like to thank everyone who attended this event and made it a success!